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I’ve been licensed as KØKWK for 52 years now.

Visit our section about my 52 years in Ham Radio. I’ve completed

this section now. It’s  in 4 parts. You don’t live for 66 years without

having  lot of things to comment about.



A long trip Minneapolis to Davao

I left the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) heading for Manila (then on to Davao) in November of 2010. The flight was a one-stopper, with a layover at Tokyo’s Narita Airport. The time from start to finish was 19 very long hours. I am not able to sleep on an airplane, and have always been that way. If my memory serves me they showed 6 full length movies during the flight, so at least it was not boring. But if your making the trip to from anywhere stateside to Manila expect almost a full days travel.

I’ve suffered (at that time) 2 strokes in 2001 and 2001, so I am no longer a person who can walk long distances without significant and frequent rests. Given that fact, I reluctantly opted for being a ‘handicapped’ person and accepted the use of a wheelchair during the whole trip. In retrospect I’m glad that I did it that way as there were some very long walks that would have been out of then and current possibilities to perform. So, even though I opposed the stigma of ‘being handicapped it was a good choice for a number of reasons.

I was ‘first on’ but ‘last off’ of the airplane. The being ‘first on’ part was okay, but the being ‘last off’ meant that if there were 300 passengers on the airplane I was going to be number 300 in any waiting line, such as Customs and Immigration procedures, or so I thought. Now I can only speak for Tokyo and Manila, but instead of being number 300 in any line, I was given priority and even though there were long lines, I was ushered right to the front of any queues, and processed very quickly. I did not ask for that special treatment but I wasn’t going to oppose it either.

My future wife, Nenette, met me at the airport in Manila. I am very glad of that, because having a ‘local’ on your arm proved very useful from the very start. Any foreigner coming to the Philippines for the first time without the presence of a ‘local’ is a disadvantage, and well suffer certain difficulties that locals are not subject to.

Hi! I am the American EXPAT who lives in Davao

Hello! I am David, the American EXPAT who now lives in Davao, Philippines.

Who am I?

I am a 66 year old retired computer engineer. I have been living in the Phil now for about 1 1/2 years. I am recently married to a lovely Filipina, and we are living comfortably in a very quiet subdivision in Davao.

Why am I in Davao? Did I ever expect to leave the USA? Am I going to return to the USA? What are my interests and background? Those are all good questions, and they mat be what many EXPATS have had to face and ask themselves.The answers to those questions are what this site is all about. Hopefully my responses will provoke you to comment or ask questions. Feel free to do so.

Why am I in Davao?

I am a man who is twice divorced. I have also had strokes, and they affected the right side of my body. Today only my right are is still severely affected. I also will not be entering any races, as my walking and balance are no longer those of a young man.

I was born and spent my entire life (until recently) in St. Paul, Minnesota USA. I always lived within a 25 mile radius of St. Paul. I grew up playing ice hockey (and did until I was about 50 years old). At age 14 I obtained an Amateur Radio Operators (Ham Radio) license with call sign KØKWK. I have maintained that license all my life and today have held the same call letters for 52 years. My early involvement with the technicalities of radio communications (this was way way before personal computers or the internet) led to many of my educational and career choices throughout my life.
But why Davao? Wife #2 after I suffered my two first strokes, developed a severe gambling problem. This grew worse and worse and finally led to our divorce. But her severe debts (not ‘mine’) led the debt collectors to ME to pay her debts. My savings and retirement funds were severely affected, and this eventually led me to a bankruptcy. Our home was foreclosed. So I was finding myself in a position I never dreamed if or expected.

I met a wonderful woman in the Philippines through the internet. We became close, and after about a year of investigating the Philippines economic situation, I decided to migrate to Davao. There is lot more to THAT story, but I’ll save the details for another post.

Did I ever expect to leave the USA?

No! And if anyone ever asked me if would, I would have told them they were crazy. But life changes, and even at age 63 you are presented with ‘opportunities’ you never in your widest imagination expected.

Am I going to return to the USA?

I have no plans to return to the USA.

What are my interests and background?

The much non-detailed version would be…

  • Computer programming
  • Database Design
  • Firefighting
  • Photography
  • HAM Radio
  • Computer Mapping
  • 3D Computer Building Design
  • Teaching

Each one of those interests deserves a topic of their own, and given some time each one will get one.

Please feel free to comment, question, or start your own topic.

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